The Outreach Fund is dedicated to supporting the mission of the Church worldwide and is generated by offerings across the diocese, particularly at ordinations, confirmations, institutions and licensings. Through the fund, the Bishop is able to respond to a wide range of requests for help, in areas such as humanitarian need, Christian education, training and mission.

In 2011, gifts totalling £59,512 (of which more than £7,000 was recovered via Gift Aid) supported a number of projects, groups and individuals. Projects overseas included the provision of food aid and mosquito nets to flooded areas of North East Uganda, supporting the Anglican Church in the Gambella region of Ethiopia, bringing children from Gaza to take part in an international arts event, and helping to fund training for teachers in Sierra Leone.

Within the Diocese, grants were given to support young people with chaotic lives or drug and alcohol addiction, to enable work with women recovering from mental illness or abuse, to develop spirituality amongst prisoners and many others. The fund also continues to support our link diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman, South Africa.

Gift Aid

Gifts to the Outreach Fund can benefit considerably from donors making Gift Aid declarations. Registered charities can reclaim income tax at the basic rate from gifts made by tax payers, provided that the donors have made a declaration accompanying their gift.

For every £1.00 donated by taxpayers who use the envelopes, the Outreach Fund can then recover 25 pence from HM Revenue and Customs.