I pen this edition of In-sight from my dining room, as in common with millions of others I am working from home. The crisis that grips our nation has exhausted the hyperbole of politicians and journalists alike. However, a consensus is emerging that the Coronavirus is the most existential issue to face our islands since World War 2. Many will rightly contend that Climate Crisis represents a deeper threat to our survival but as we witness harrowing scenes from Italy due to hit us in the next couple of weeks, Covid 19 appears to be a more acute and present danger.

The unprecedented restrictions on daily life including the partial closure of schools signal a step change in the country’s response. What is most remarkable for me is the way in which individuals and institutions have responded to the situation. The creativity and flexibility shown by schools to ensure provision for key workers and vulnerable children has been inspirational. So too the daily reports of acts of kindness performed by individuals are deeply moving. In time it may prove that our biggest challenge is also our finest hour.

Take care,