In-sight returns to your screens after an extended absence. The reason for its absence is the focus for its return. As it is now in the public domain, Ofsted judgement that The Oxford Academy (TOA) requires special measures has necessitated a significant portion of my time being spent in the school. Initially this was to stabilize the school and ensure that there was governance and leadership in place. Since Christmas this focus has shifted to providing support and challenge to David Terry, the newly appointed interim headteacher and his leadership team. In addressing the issues within TOA, David is also benefitting greatly from the support of the River Learning Trust who are named as the new sponsor of the school. Likewise, despite its status as an academy there has been significant support originating from Oxfordshire County Council. It is this coming together of different organisations to work collegiately and collaboratively for a school in need that is so heartening. Nationally we could learn a great deal from how people can come together following a time of crisis.

With a less fragile situation at TOA, I have been able to begin a programme of outreach and have already relished the opportunity to meet with The Revd Michael Lloyd, the Principal of Wycliffe Hall. We were able to explore opportunities for synergy in our work and how we can share our experience in different but related areas of learning. All of this is part of our mission as a board of education in its broadest sense.

Till next week.