Download Guidance and Good Practice 1 and Guidance and Good Practice 2 as two single Zip files, or select individual documents below.

  1. Abuse Definitions
  2. Challenging Behaviour
  3. Child Sexual Exploitation – What to Look for
  4. Choirs Bell Ringing and Other Mixed-Age Activities
  5. Church Action on Domestic Abuse
  6. Complaints and Whistle Blowing – Model Policy
  7. Confidential Declaration Form
  8. Differences Between Statutory and Voluntary Sector
  9. Dignity at Work
  10. Disruptive Children
  11. Equal Opportunities Model Policy
  12. Good Behaviour Guide for Children
  13. Good Practice Guide for Work with Children(PDF)  Good Practice Guide for Work with Children (Word Document)
  14. Good Practice Guide for Work with Vulnerable Adults (PDF)  Good Practice Guide for Work with Vulnerable Adults (Word Document)
  15. Hire of Church Premises
  16. Lone Working
  17. Making and Publishing Images of Children
  18. Managing allegations
  19. Model Agreement with Offender (Word Document)
  20. Model Parental Consent Form (Word Document)
  21. Model Parish Application Form (Word Document)
  22. Model Parish Policy on Recruitment and DBS Disclosures (Word Document)
  23. Model Policy on Recording Pastoral Encounters (Word Document)
  24. Model Parish Safeguarding Policy (Word Document)
  25. Model Policy on Social Media
  26. Model Reference Request (Word Document)
  27. Model Volunteer Agreement (Word Document)
  28. Parent’s Guide to Child Sexual Exploitation
  29. Parishes not Working with Children or Vulnerable Adults
  30. Parish Safeguarding Training Materials
  31. Parish Safeguarding Officers what is Expected
  32. Parish Safeguarding Responsibilities
  33. Parish Safeguarding Roles
  34. Permission to Ring
  35. Portability Advice
  36. Reaching Out Order Form
  37. Record Keeping in Recruitment
  38. Record Keeping in Parishes
  39. Recording Safeguarding Issues
  40. Responding to an Adult who Discloses Sexual Abuse
  41. Risk Assessment Form
  42. Safer Recruitment
  43. Schedule of Safeguarding Forms etc
  44. Seven Golden Rules of Information Sharing
  45. Trafficking and Modern Slavery
  46. Training in Safeguarding
  47. Vigilance
  48. Welcome, Inclusion, Respect
  49. Young Leaders
  50. Young Persons Guide to Keeping Children Safe