(Previously Criminal Records Bureau)

Disclosure and Barring Service Parish Administration Changes

 Since 2010 Churches’ Agency for Safeguarding (CAS) has been the recommended Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Umbrella Body for the Diocese of Oxford.  CAS has informed the Diocese that they will be unable to continue to provide this service beyond 2017 which has prompted the exploration of alternative umbrella body providers.  CAS will accept DBS checks for parishes until 15 September 2017.  The Diocese of Oxford recognises the excellent service which CAS has provided.

A careful search of providers has been conducted to identify the next DBS Umbrella Body for the diocese.  I am pleased to confirm that Access Personal Checking Services Ltd (APCS) has been chosen as the new service provider.


The Church of England selected APCS (www.criminalrecordchecks.co.uk) as their DBS preferred provider in 2016 and currently more than 12 Dioceses have signed up to use their services.  Specialising in processing disclosures, APCS, as a Registered Umbrella Body, have worked with the criminal record check system since it first began in 2002.  We are pleased that this new provider will reduce DBS administrative fees for parishes.

APCS will begin to work for the Diocese of Oxford and parishes from 29 August 2017.


Download Disclosure and Barring Service or individual documents below:

  1. Information about APCS
  2. Churchwardens Declaration on Registered Body
  3. Code of Practice for Disclosure and Barring Service
  4. DBS Checks for Overseas Applicants
  5. DBS eligibility checklist
  6. DBS Filtering guide
  7. Disregards of Old and Minor Offences
  8. FAQs on DBS Issues
  9. Getting Started with Safeguarding and DBS checks
  10. Information Sheet on Positive DBS Checks
  11. Movements within the Diocese and DBS Checks
  12. Single Certificate
  13. Parish Safeguarding Roles
  14. Positive or Blemished DBS Disclosures
  15. Portability of DBS criminal records checks
  16. Recruiter and Verifier Declaration Form
  17. DBS Update Service