What are we called to do together?

We have identified six strategic focus areas as a diocese:

Making a difference in the world

Chaired by Bishop Colin (Dorchester)
Lead advisor Alison Webster (Social Responsibility Advisor)

Support and grow the local church

Chaired by Bishop Andrew (Reading) and Archdeacon Judy French (Dorchester)
Lead advisors Yvonne Morris (Diocesan Children’s Advisor) and Ian MacDonald (Diocesan Youth Advisor)

Establish new churches and communities

Chaired by Archdeacon Martin Gorick (Oxford)

Serve our schools

Chaired by Bishop Alan (Buckingham)
Lead Advisors Fiona Craig (Acting Director of Education) and Charles Chadwick (Parish Development Advisor, Dorchester area)

Invest in Milton Keynes

Chaired by Archdeacon Guy Elsmore (Buckingham)
Lead Advisor Gill Lovell (Parish Development Advisor, Buckingham)

Renew discipleship and ministry

Chaired by Archdeacon Olivia Graham (Reading)
Lead advisor Andrew Anderson-Gear (Director of Mission)

These six areas are not a description of everything the Church does. They are six areas to focus on over the next period of our life.

The six areas leave space for other priorities in parishes, benefices, deaneries and the Areas.