What is Partnership for Missional Church (PMC)?

Partnership for Missional Church is a three year process of spiritual reflection, transformation and engagement, which originated in the United States, travelled to South Africa and is now being launched nationally around the UK.

PMC is a fresh engagement with a God ‘who is active and present and working for good in the world’.  This includes ancient spiritual practices, bringing a new attentiveness to God in scripture, as well as practical exercises and engagement with communities.

Partnership for Missional Church fosters the awareness of God’s activity (Mark 16.7).  It does this through a network of congregations (usually 10-15 churches) journeying and learning together for three to five years. In the Oxford Diocese we began our PMC journey in Berkshire in 2015 and 20 churches are now in their second year.  They began in Year One with ‘listening’ and now in Year Two they are engaged in ‘experimenting’.  In Year Three they will seek to root their vision of ‘God’s preferred and promised future for their church’.

Is it another initiative?

PMC is a process. It’s about:

  • A deep and long-term cultural change in congregational life towards ‘being mission’ rather than just carrying out mission activities
  • Discovering God as our primary partner in mission
  • Being in tune with God’s dreams and desires for local communities.

The hope is to see PMC being offered to churches across this Diocese.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to know more, please contact Andrew Anderson-Gear, the Director of Mission.

Below, some of those involved in PMC in the Berkshire Area talk about the difference PMC has made to their church life. We will add more videos as the journey continues.

PMC is supported by Church Mission Society. Have a look at their website for more information.

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Bishop Andrew introduces the Berkshire PMC experience.

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