For some years now, the New Communities Group has maintained general oversight of mission activity within strategic growth areas within the diocese, and has coordinated the work of officers of the diocese. It brings together clergy from key areas of housing development with our Directors of Education, Buildings and Mission.

They meet each term to assess gathered information and learning points from across the diocese and advise the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee on its policies in relation to mission in new communities.

They also administer the Opportunities Fund – through which they can also provide funding for work in new housing areas.

The New Communities Group

 martin MW5A1399 Chairman The Venerable Martin Gorick, Archdeacon of Oxford


Reverend Canon Andrew Blyth Area Dean, Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Aylesbury
Reverend Canon John Robertson  Director of Ecumenical Mission, MK Mission Partnership
Reverend Angie Paterson Associate Clergy, Icknield
Reverend Ian Biscoe  Vicar of Emmanuel Church, Bicester
Reverend Verena Breed Team Rector, Bicester and Islip

Officers of the Diocese

 David Mason Director of Glebe Land and Buildings
 Anne Davey Director of Education
Kirsteen Roberts Assistant Director Education (Free Schools and Academies)
 Andrew Anderson-Gear Director of Mission


Martin Gorick on a new community being formed in Barton, near Oxford

Gordon Joyner on supporting schools in new communities

Pioneer Minister Ruth Maxey ‘Church Without Walls’ – Broughton, Milton Keynes.

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