To engage in evangelism means to share good news; it’s something we naturally all do all the time. We constantly share with others the good news that we have –of our families, our friends, our work, our gardens, our holidays. For Christians, the very particular good news that we have is what God has done for us in Jesus through the power of his Spirit, and of the immense and wonderful possibilities that has created for everyone. To engage in evangelism is to share and live out that news normally, naturally and unaffectedly. Evangelism is not about manipulating or coercing others (though we can all too readily call to mind bad examples of that happening). It is about sharing stories – of telling others about our own experience and of listening to theirs.

For some, engaging in Christian evangelism seems to be easy. For most of us, it’s not. But it is something we can make a start on in different ways. We can:

  • ask God’s help in increasing our confidence, expectation and hope that our churches will be places which join with the Holy Spirit in making disciples
  • equip and enable church members to talk naturally and engagingly with others (both Christian and non Christian) about stories of life, faith and meaning
  • find ways to engage with different groups and institutions with which we come into contact such as young people, the elderly, the unemployed and schools, prisons, hospitals and workplaces.
  • offer those unfamiliar with and lost to Christian faith opportunities to learn about Jesus Christ, to experience the life of the community he calls together and to worship and trust in him.

Within our diocese, lots of support exists to help us get going with evangelism. Our team of Diocesan Missioners exists to resource and provide encouragement, consultancy, support and training to parishes and deaneries. Comprised of men and women, lay and ordained, from all parts of the Diocese of Oxford missioners are available to:

  • Speak about evangelism at parish and deanery meetings and mission events.
  • Provide consultancy and training to parishes and deaneries to help them better to engage evangelism and engage in practical action.

The team encompasses a wide range of interests and experience and where possible and according to time available these are matched to a parish or deanery’s need. Examples of expertise include the use of nurture courses, planning skills, ministry to men, church planting, street pastoring etc.

Requests for assistance from the Diocesan Missioners group should be made through the Director of Mission, Andrew Anderson-Gear ( In addition, requests for assistance in evangelism consultancy and training can also be made to the Parish Development Advisers of the Department of Mission.

We’re here to help you. Please call on us.

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