IME part 2 is the name given to the period of formation and training for curates. At the end of the curacy, curates are assessed against nationally agreed Formation Criteria.  Curates follow a programme of training and assessment which, building on the practical parish ministry and supervision with the training incumbent is at the heart of a curacy, enables them to show that they have engaged with the Formation Criteria.

The Programme has 6 key elements:

  1. Practical parish ministry
  2. Supervision with a Training Incumbent/ priest appointed by the Bishop
  3. Attendance at Hard and Soft Skills themed days (8 out of 17 days over the whole curacy for associate focus curates; 12 out of 17 days over the curacy for incumbent focus curates)
  4. Attendance at Ministry Development Group meetings – peer groups of geographically based curates
  5. Most curates will be expected to attend the 5 modules of one of the taught courses, which are on Prayer; Mission and Evangelism; Leadership; Christian Worship, and Preaching.  There are 3 separate days per module over the course of the curacy. Curates may use these modules to complete the Durham BA or PgDip in Theology and Ministry. Curates who are not doing the taught modular courses for an award are expected to produce one 2,000 word theological reflection at the end of each taught course. All curates also do a Ministry Project in their parish/benefice or deanery.
  6. Submission of a Ministry Development Folder (MDF) for final assessment at the end of curacy (and for informal assessment each year).

Orientation to IME Phase 2 for Training Incumbents:

If you have not trained a curate before, have trained a curate but only in another Diocese or have trained a curate in the Oxford Diocese but before 2015 you will need to book on to our Orientation to IME Phase 2 in the Diocese of Oxford here:

The dates for this training for Training Incumbents (TIs) who will be supervising a curate from July 2019 are: 3rd May 2019 or 6th June 2019

Induction to IME Phase 2: (all curates & their TIs to attend one session):

Thursday 5th September 2019:

Morning session: 10.00 – 12.30pm at Church House Oxford


Afternoon session: 1.30 – 4pm at Church House Oxford


Saturday 7th Sept 2019: Induction 10.00 – 12.30 pm at Church House Oxford. These dates are made available on Eventbrite in the summer before term begins:

The Director of IME Part 2 and BA course leader is the Revd Dr Beren Hartless.
( Tel: 01865 208258)

Emma Nawrocki is the Curates Course Administrator
(; Tel 01865 208261)

The Revd Dr Phillip Tovey is the Postgraduate Diploma course leader.
( Tel: 01865 208212)

The Hard and Soft Skills Programme Facilitator is the Revd Canon Dr Grant Bayliss.

There is a team of Assessors appointed by the Bishop, trained and coordinated by the Director of IME Part 2.

The Bishop of Dorchester chairs the IME Steering Group.