Becoming an incumbent for the first time is a major transition in ministry. There are new expectations and responsibilities which can seem daunting at first. There are new canonical, legal and institutional responsibilities to come to terms with, as well as new pastoral, spiritual and leadership challenges. The Diocesan residential for new incumbents is called ‘Flourishing in Your New Role’. Its aim is inform, inspire and support those making the transition from curacy to post of first responsibility, with the intention that they find their new role fulfilling and joyful.

Invitations to attend the course comes from the Bishops. If you are starting a post of first responsibility you are required to attend this course whether or not you have had a curacy in the Oxford Diocese. The course consists of two residential conferences taking place over two days. Between the residentials there are opportunities to pursue individual learning issues through a form of group support and structured discussion known as Action Learning Sets.

If you think you should have been invited to attend and have not received an invitation please contact your Parish Development Adviser or any member of the CMD team.