The online funeral ministry course.

A course designed for those who would like to explore funeral ministry is now available.

It is designed for anyone who feels called to offer themselves for this important ministry. Licensed Lay Ministers who would like to develop this aspect of their ministry, Authorised Preachers, and those with considerable pastoral experience may want to explore this further.

It offers insights and expertise into taking funerals and exercising compassionate care of the bereaved.

It can be completed on-line and bookings can be made via this link

Prior to booking you need to have a conversation with your incumbent and gain their support. You will also need to identify a mentor who can accompany you though the training and the start of your funeral ministry.

Watch a 5 minute video introducing the course

CMD day courses

We aim to provide day courses each year on a variety of topics covering the main challenges of mission and ministry. Details of most of these appear in the CMD brochure or are advertised through the regular CMD mailings. At present, face to face events and residentials are suspended due to coronavirus. We aim to provide information about the programme for 2021 later in the year.

Flourishing in Your New Role (the programme for new incumbents)

All new incumbents are required to attend two residential courses usually spaced six to eight months apart. The aim of these courses is to provide a setting in which you can reflect on your new context and how you will inhabit your new role as part of a prayerful community of others at a similar stage in ministry. At present, the residential course is suspended. On-line training is planned for the autumn. Contact your Parish Development Adviser for details.

Other residential courses

For those beginning a new post other than their first incumbency, the Regional Training Partnership runs a new post consultation. Over a period of 48 hours you will reflect in small groups on the key features of your new context, its challenges and opportunities. These consultations are particularly valued for the support of colleagues in the small groups, and the opportunity to think about plans for the future. Please speak to your Parish Development Adviser if you would be interested in this consultation.

The Regional Training Partnership also runs the Renaissance ministry Programme for those who have been in ordained ministry for some years and are beginning to think about the next steps. These consultations take place at Sarum College in Salisbury. If you are interested you should contact your archdeacon in the first instance. The cost is covered by a combination of the Bayne benefaction and your CMD grant. Please speak to your Parish Development Adviser if you would be interested in the Renaissance consultation.

New area deans are invited to join an initial training course run through the Regional Training Partnership. Area deans and associate area deans are also offered additional training in skills of coaching and mentoring, conflict resolution, guidance in approaching pastoral reorganisation and in allocating the deanery share. In 2019, there will be training days in coaching skills (October 15th) and conflict resolution (May 15th).

From the age of 62 clergy and their spouses are invited to a pre-retirement residential. As well as the practical issues of housing, pensions and health and well-being, this focuses on the shape of our continuing discipleship in retirement.