‘It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. Did you ever stop to think that you can’t leave for your job in the morning without being dependent on most of the world? You… go into the kitchen to drink your coffee for the morning, and that’s poured into your cup by a South American. And maybe you want tea: that’s poured into your cup by a Chinese. Or maybe you’re desirous of having cocoa for breakfast, and that’s poured into your cup by a West African. And then you reach over for your toast, and that’s given to you at the hands of an English-speaking farmer, not to mention the baker. And before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world.’
The Revd Martin Luther King, Jr

Trade matters. Each year, almost $20 trillion worth of goods are traded internationally. The conditions under which people produce, transport and trade those goods — and the amount they get paid in return for their labour — can lift people out of poverty… or keep them in it.

As a diocese, we’re committed to helping make trade fair, both through supporting Fairtrade and through advocating for trade justice.

When we use Fairtrade goods in our churches and in our homes, we’re doing our part to ensure that the people who produce the goods we use are receiving a fair return for their work, and that they are able to access the health, education and infrastructure that they and their communities need. It’s a way of loving our neighbours as ourselves.

Our Diocese uses Fairtrade products at Church House Oxford, and we encourage all churches to recertify as Fairtrade Churches with the Fairtrade Foundation. You can find out more about how to do this from the resources on this page.
We also, as part of the Church of England, participate in advocacy on the wider policies and practices that shape how trade works. We do this in recognition of the potential of trade for good — and the importance of ensuring that trade serves justice and sustainability.


Lord God,
In the fields of the poor
Even when abundant fruits ripen,
Injustice sweeps them away,
And families hunger.

Help us to share
The fruits of your bounty
So that all your family may benefit
From your gracious gifts.


(based on Proverbs 13:23)
Christian Concern for One World


Resources can be found on the websites of the Fairtrade Foundation, Traidcraft,  and Christian Concern for One World


  • Support your local Fair Trade shop – take a look here to find out where they are.
  • Buy Fair Trade goods online. There’s advice here.
  • Consider helping other people to access Fair Trade goods by selling them in or through your church. There’s guidance here.

Find Out More

Fairtrade Foundation — Non-profit organisation which licenses the use of the FAIRTRADE mark in the UK and raises awareness of Fairtrade. Certifies Fairtrade Churches and provides a wide range of resources.

Traidcraft — The UK’s leading Fairtrade organisation, founded by Christians, which provides both materials for prayer and campaigning on trade justice and a way of purchasing Fairtrade goods.

Trade Justice Movement — The Church of England is a member of this coalition of organisations that want to see trade become fairer for everyone.