Modern Slavery

The Thames Valley is one of the areas with the highest prevalence of modern-day slavery, so there is an urgent need to combat this crime. The Diocese is working in partnership with the Thames Valley Police and local organisations to highlight the issue, and with the Clewer Initiative, who are leading the Church of England response.


Lord of creation, we thank you for all who are working to combat modern slavery: for governments and agencies, for Church and other faith leaders, for charities and individuals. Help us to be part of love’s movement to work for a world where human beings are valued, free to come and go, where no one is enslaved, no one used against their will for another’s pleasure or need.

(Source: Clewer Initiative)


Anti-Slavery Day Church Resource — raise awareness of modern slavery in your church and help to end modern slavery.

Modern Slavery in Rural Areas — a toolkit designed for people living and working in rural areas from the Clewer Initiative.

Sunday Service Guide — resources for prayer, preaching and reflection from the Clewer Initiative.

Find Out More

The Clewer Initiative is enabling Church of England dioceses and wider Church networks to develop strategies to detect modern slavery in their communities and help provide victim support and care. It provides training and educational resources such as lesson plans and undertakes project initiatives such as the Safe Car Wash app and the The Farm Work Welfare app.

Anti-Slavery Initiative Oxford (ASIOX) — A Christian group based in Oxfordshire who have a passion to see human slavery and trafficking ended.

[Oxford Anti-Slavery Network (OxASN) ]— Partnership of Thames Valley Police and local authorities and organisations, including Oxford Diocese.

Suspected slavery can be reported in several ways:

  • Modern Slavery Helpline — 08000 121 700
  • Thames Valley Police can be contacted on 101 or 999 or via the internet
  • Crimestoppers take anonymous information from members of the public which is then passed on to the police — 0800 555 111