Things people can do

Caring for the world around us isn’t just something for the keen — it’s a part of each Christian’s everyday discipleship.

In Genesis, we read that human beings’ original calling was to ‘till and to keep’ the earth. And the Bible is full of references that show God’s call on us to carry out our daily activities in right relationship not only with God and each other, but with the whole created world.

So ‘how then shall we live’?

As people who are seeking to be contemplative, compassionate and courageous in our discipleship, we might wish to incorporate four simple kinds of action into our daily life:

  • Taking time to appreciate and give thanks for creation
  • Being a careful steward of resources such as food and energy
  • Supporting others, locally and globally, who are working for positive change
  • Learning about the issues — and speaking about them.

What pledges could you make, based on the suggestions?


Creator God,
I want to live in harmony with you, neighbours local and global,
and all creation.
Show me the steps I need to take,
Today and every day,
To sustain and renew the life of the earth.
Give me an appreciation for your beautiful world
and all with whom I share it,
Compassion for all who suffer because of climate change
and harm to the environment,
A yearning for justice,
Wisdom to see clearly the impact of my choices,
Courage and strength to make changes in my own life
and to speak out for wider change,
And a vision of a renewed world.
I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ.



Lifestyle audit from A Rocha — a really simple guide to reflecting on how you can make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly.

L is for Lifestyle: Christian living that doesn’t cost the earth by Ruth Valerio (2019 edition) — a short, simple A to Z guide to living in a way that is sustainable and fair.

How bad are bananas? and There is no planet B by Mike Berners Lee — two fascinating (and fun) books that map out the impact of our choices and how to change them for the better.

No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference — a collection of Greta Thunberg’s speeches… encouragement for taking action.

Find Out More

Friends of the Earth — loads of ideas for practical action and advocacy.

Hope for the Future — brilliant at giving simple information on climate issues and how to talk about them with MPs, local councillors and your neighbours.

Operation Noah — resources to feed your faith and inspire campaigning.

Wild Christian — an online community of Christians appreciating and caring for God’s creation (part of the A Rocha family). Full of helpful tips for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Young Christian Climate Network – action-focussed community of Christians aged 18–30.