FRESH, imaginative thinking about living as Christians in the 21st century was the central theme of a series of events in the Oxford Diocese in 2014.

As we came to the end of the first five-year phase of our Living Faith vision Bishop John asked for a year of special events throughout 2014 for clergy, lay ministers and the whole church family, reflecting the calling that different people have within the life of our Church.

“The theme of these three events is ‘imagining faith’,” says the Revd Dr Michael Beasley, Director of Mission, who coordinated the planning.

“The conferences will be a time to think afresh about the challenges and opportunities of living as Christians today, imagining what it would be like to live not according to the way of the world, but according to the life of God’s kingdom.”

Audio Files from the Clergy Conference

Videos from Imagining Faith


Bishop John’s address: WHATs THE BUZZ Bp John 24.3.2014

Sam Wells’s address: Sam Wells