Plough Wednesday

Yesterday’s news on Brexit may have offered some pointers as to what a post-EU future might look like, but there remains a great deal of uncertainty. For the farming community, which relies so heavily on EU policies and funds, there is particular concern about what the future may hold. Last week, Plough Wednesday offered an

Faithful Service

This week I read the latest Theos report on ‘Doing Good’. Whilst the report acknowledged the decline in attendance at church services, it offered a hopeful picture of a Church deepening its sense of service and love of neighbour. Church run projects are increasing both in number and in reach. An estimated 10 million people

Loving the Stranger

 A sermon given by Alison Webster at Jesus College, Oxford, October 2016. Readings: Deut 10:17-22; John 4:7-15; Ps 133. A story…. In July 2016 a protest rally was held in my home city, Norwich, in protest at the result of the EU Referendum. At 3am the following morning, a brick was thrown through the window

What’s your housing story?


What’s Your Housing Story? Last week I watched the BBC documentary No Place to Call Home. It told the moving stories of people facing homelessness in the Borough of Barking and Dagenham. The diversity of the stories were a reminder of the ways in which housing is becoming an increasing problem for people from all