World Mental Health Day

God of Compassion, You meant us to be both fragile and ordinary. Silence the voices that say we are not good enough, Haven’t achieved enough, Haven’t enough to show for our lives, That we are not enough. Help us to know that we are treasure, We are prized, We are cherished, We are loved. Infinitely.

999 Food & Holiday Hunger

New research from Church Urban Fund suggests that 1 in 50 people used a food bank in 2016, a total of 1 million adults. The figure doesn’t include children and other household members who may accompany each food bank user. In addition to those receiving food aid, many more adults reported missing meals and experiencing

Baby and Toddler Groups: A place for faith in action

Baby and toddler groups can play a central role in enabling churches to connect with and serve their local communities. They often attract people from a range of ages and backgrounds through offering an easy point of connection (the care of small children) and a warm welcome. These may be people who would not normally

Remembering Dementia

In Holy Week 2017 Joanna Collicutt, Diocesan Advisor for the Spiritual Care of Older People, gave a series of sermons focused on the practice of remembering. Now available online these sermons offer some helpful theological reflections for those living with and supporting those with dementia. On Good Friday we see that it is Jesus who

Rural Life: A place of escape or a struggle with isolation?

Many people think of the countryside as a place of escape, a quieter life, a haven from the rushing nature of daily life.  For other people living and working in a countryside to which they are attached by birth and cultural upbringing, can bring strains and stresses.  The countryside can sometimes be a place of