Just Three Words: Reflecting on life with Parkinson’s


Three words is all it takes. Three words. But these three words will change the way you see your future…your life ahead. And, like the tension of awarding Oscars. There seems to be a pregnant pause and then… “You have Parkinson’s” These three words. For those who hear the diagnosis, it is devastating yet it

Living Well in the End Times

Last month our Living Well in the End Times project was granted an additional two years funding by the Henry Smith Foundation. This innovative project aims to support clergy and pastoral leaders to be more confident and competent in enabling people to explore issues around death and dying. The focus over the next two years

Faith and Healthcare

By Janet McCrae. A version of this article appeared in the St Mary and St John Parish Magazine in November 2016. If patients are to flourish and recover well, healthcare needs to be person-centred and holistic. In November a conference on faith and health was convened Dr Guy Harrison, Head of Spiritual and Pastoral care at

Plough Wednesday

Yesterday’s news on Brexit may have offered some pointers as to what a post-EU future might look like, but there remains a great deal of uncertainty. For the farming community, which relies so heavily on EU policies and funds, there is particular concern about what the future may hold. Last week, Plough Wednesday offered an

Faithful Service

This week I read the latest Theos report on ‘Doing Good’. Whilst the report acknowledged the decline in attendance at church services, it offered a hopeful picture of a Church deepening its sense of service and love of neighbour. Church run projects are increasing both in number and in reach. An estimated 10 million people