1. Use Fairtrade tea and coffee . . .

No longer hard to find, Fairtrade coffee and tea is available in most supermarkets and in many independent food stores . . . not to mention all general Oxfam shops, dedicated Fairtrade shops, and Traidcraft stalls – many of which can also order ‘catering-size’packages of tea and coffee.

Look for the logo on the package . . .

Common brands of coffee include CaféDirect, Clipper (some lines), all Co-op, M & S (and Sainsbury’s roast and ground)  ‘own-brand’coffees, Equal Exchange , Percol (some lines), and Traidcraft. Other supermarkets and brands have Fairtrade lines, too.

Common tea brands include Clipper (many of their lines), Equal Exchange, Hampstead, Traidcraft and Tea Direct – as well as all Co-op, M&S and  Waitrose’s ‘own-brand’ lines. Other supermarkets and brands also have Fairtrade lines: please note that Sainsbury’s “Fairly Traded” tea is not in fact Fairtrade certified.

If you buy in bulk, you might also want to look at Kingdom Coffee: they offer a range of Fairtrade teas and coffees, and can offer catering equipment that goes with them.


2. Try something new . . .

Sugar in your tea?
Jam on your scones?
Biscuits? Cake? Raisins?
Pasta for your bring and share supper?
Or maybe something really new, like a salad made from quinoa ….?

With the proliferation of Fairtrade products, you can go “Fairtrade” whenever your church shares hospitality. For a full list of products (and where to find them), click here.

3. Introduce someone to Fairtrade . . .

You could bring along a tin of Fairtrade coffee to work. Or ask for Fairtrade products at a local shop … even create ‘request forms’that other people can hand in to request products! Some churches run Fairtrade tasting stalls. Others join up with other area churches to run joint Traidcraft stalls or hold local events.

4. Going further …

Take a look at the CCOW page on Fair Trade Church Actions – there are many ideas from suggestions of films to show to ideas for a Great (Fairtrade) British Bake Off!