Setting up a Fair Trade stall in your church can be a wonderful way to introduce a congregation to Fair Trade . . . to offer a wider range of Fair Trade products than is available in many shops and supermarkets . . . and to help parishioners who find getting to the shops difficult.

Where can we get Fair Trade goods to sell on a stall?

Most Fair Traders sell goods from Traidcraft or from local Fair Trade shops. Both offer food and a wide range of craft items.

Some church stall holders also buy in stocks of Fair Trade foods from local shops or supermarkets for resale. This allows them to bring in fresh goods (such as a bunch of bananas) – and also to indicate which local shops sell Fairtrade products.

How do we order from Traidcraft?

You can order online (at or ) or by mail. To order by mail, ring to request a catalogue and order form. The number is 0191 491 0591.

If you are thinking of starting a stall, but aren’t sure what parishioners will buy and want to try some products to ascertain what sells, you could get in touch with your local Traidcraft “Key Contact,” who might be able to offer you goods on a sale or return basis for your first few stalls. Similarly, if you would like to start off by having a stall for a special occasion, such as a Christmas Fair, your key contact may be able to arrange that. To find out who your local key contact is, ring 0191 491 0591.

If you are going to be placing regular, fairly large orders, you can consider becoming a Traidcraft rep. Doing so will allow you to receive a discount. To find out more about becoming a Traidcraft “Fair Trader,” read the information on their website, contact Traidcraft on 0191 497 3999.


How do we sell goods from Fair Trade shops?

Most local Fair Trade shops will offer items on sale or return. This allows  churches to have stalls with a wide range of goods from various suppliers – but without needing to buy things in themselves.

To find out more about how sale or return operates, get in touch with your local shop. In our area, the shops offering sale or return include:

  • Fair Trade at St Michael’s (Oxford City Centre)
  • Headington Fair Trade (Headington, Oxford)
  • Just Trading (Wallingford)
  • The Mustard Seed (Faringdon)
  • RISC World Shop (Reading)

CCOW has further advice which you may find useful – take a look here.