Energy can be both where a church uses the most natural resources … and where it spends the most money!  Moving to ‘green energy’ is highly recommended. Good pricing and good contract management are also important to ensure tariffs remain competitive and parishes are not ‘rolled over’ into uncompetitive contracts.

National Parish Buying website schemes

The national Church of England has created the Parish Buying website to provide churches access to negotiated discounts and contracts. The most popular product is the Energy Basket, which uses the bulk buying power of the Church to obtain competitive prices for gas and electricity.

The Energy Basket is the biggest energy buying scheme for churches in the country, and has been consistently providing significant savings to thousands of churches.

100% of the electricity in the Energy Basket is green, all from UK-based renewable sources. The Parish Buying team have been working with the Basket provider to do this at no extra cost to parishes.

Find out more and register for free with Parish Buying 


Does your church use oil?

You might be able to save money and reduce your carbon footprint by joining a local bulk purchasing scheme for oil. See Bulk oil purchasing scheme

Note on rate of VAT

Irrespective of which company supplies your energy, as a church undertaking charitable activities, you should be eligible for exemption from the Climate Change Levy and also benefit from a reduced rate of VAT (currently 5%) . Do check your bills to ensure this is the case, and if not request a VAT declaration certificate from your energy supplier for you to complete and return to them.