What can I do?

Churches across the Diocese of Oxford are engaging in environmental issues at a number of levels. People are changing the way they live to reduce the carbon footprint. Local community projects are being initiated to care for the earth. Churches are installing the latest green technology to provide low carbon and energy efficient buildings. Campaign groups are calling on governments to take global action to slow climate change and ensure those hardest hit by the changing climate are supported.

The first step is always the hardest. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Me and my family – Could you reduce the carbon footprint of your household? How could you encourage the ecology of your garden and neighbourhood?
  • My church and community – How does your churches mission embody environment and climate change issues? How could you make your church building energy efficient?
  • My world and global neighbours – How could you lobby your MP for global action on climate change? Could your church support the Climate Justice Fund?
Speakers, facilitators and courses

Does your church or group want to explore ways to engage with environmental issues? How could you include the environment in the life and mission of your church? We may be able to help you find speakers, facilitators and resources to help you think through the options.