There are many reasons why people visit churches. History and heritage may be a factor. We can’t assume anything about people’s reasons for visiting, but we can give them a space in which they can take time away from the demands of the world, gain a new perspective on their lives, and encounter our faith and God.

A guide to experiencing God’s presence in your church building, written by Revd. Charles Chadwick, is a new resource from the Diocese of Oxford. The booklet, available in print and to download online, is suitable for incumbents, church wardens and anyone wanting to get more involved in the life of thier local church.

In a busy and distracted world churches have great potential to provide a space to withdraw from the values of today and to be put in touch with the timeless truths of the gospel. We hope that  A guide to experiencing God’s presence in your church building will help you ensure that your church building is a place for reflection, stillness and prayer for all.