We’re back and welcome back!

After a summer’s hiatus, September brings the return to school and a return to your screens for ‘In-sight.’ This time of year is imbued with the sense of new beginnings and that is even more so this September. Amongst the new developments we have (in no order of precedence):

New Secretary of State for Education, New Ofsted Inspection Framework, New money promised for schools and New statutory safeguarding guidance.

Closer to home we have the following at ODBE:

New staffing structure, New strategic plan and New colleagues.

This sense of renewal also presents an opportunity for us to initiate new academic year’s resolutions. Some people take up ‘Sober September’, for others next month becomes key as ‘Stoptober’. For me, Autumn presages the perennial (and ultimately) fruitless quest to lose weight but more joyfully, a commitment to read more for pleasure. I intend to emulate the fall of leaves outside with the turning of them as I work my way through the latest Ian McEwan novel. I think I already know which of the two is likely to be the most successful!

Till next week.