God of nurturing love,
Yourself both child and parent, playful and wise,
Reawaken in us youthful energy, life and possibility,
Draw us to notice with a child’s eye “Heaven in a
wild flower”,
Astound us into wonder at the beauty, tenderness and frailty of your creation,
And kindle in us a child’s simple trust in you.

We pray for all who, with and in our schools, share your call to nurture.
We pray for all our young people who are growing up
carrying possibility and uncertainty,
security and vulnerability,
faith and questions;
May they find a parent’s embrace, a teacher’s encouragement and a sibling’s play in you.

Inspire each of us in our joint act of parenting your children and our own,
Remembering that when we welcome a child
we also welcome Jesus himself,
our Lord, our friend and our brother.
In his name we pray

Empathising with people of all generations is important and enriching. Click here for guidance on nurturing children’s spirituality and why a walk with a toddler is a lesson for us all. ¶

Prayer by Charlie Kerr
Photo: Shutterstock