A Firepit is a small group which meets for encouragement in living out our faith Sunday to Saturday.

Firepits are a new initiative from the Diocese of Oxford and part of our personal discipleship focus area. They’re a space where real life and issues about everyday faith can be shared. Some groups meet for coffee after a school drop off, others meet on the train commuting home on Friday evening, others meet at church mid-week. A Firepit can be an existing small group or a temporary group, and anyone can start one.

As a member of a Firepit, you will gather to pray together and give thanks.  The Firepit becomes a space for you to invite the Holy Spirit to light your path and connect to daily experiences. It’s a time for warmth, honesty, encouragement, support and accountability. And you’ll share stories of how God is active and present and working for good in your lives.

A Firepit group can help provide the time and fellowship to grow in confidence. You’ll also commit to supporting fellow members to live their everyday lives as Christians. After all, church doesn’t just happen on a Sunday.

You might join a Firepit as part of a Personal Discipleship Plan, but it’s not essential that you do. Firepits are just one of the many great ways that you can learn to live a life that is contemplative, compassionate and courageous – for Christ.

Resources for Firepits

  • Download and print out this leaflet for each person in a Firepit (PDF).
    If you’d prefer to see it on a mobile phone, or to print as A4 sheets, use this version.
  • If you feel you need some friendly advice to get started, or just want to talk through your ideas for a Firepit group in your church community, contact the Revd Tina Molyneux at or call her on 07443 534010 during working hours.
  • Stuck for a prayer at the start of your Firepit group? Try these Church of England everyday prayers

Let us know how you get on!

Once you’ve started a new Firepit group, do let Tina Molyneux know how you get on. We are developing Firepits as a resource so we welcome your feedback. How did it work? How could we improve this resource for you?

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