Your church and heat pumps

Heat pumps offer a method of heating buildings in an efficient way using electricity.

Combined with electricity generated from renewable sources, this means church buildings could reduce their carbon footprint and save money through reduced bills.

Your church and heat pumps

The Church of England Environment Programme runs a series of webinars on getting to net zero.

The webinar looks at the basics of heat pumps (mainly air source and ground source heat pumps). It discusses their use, where heat pumps work well, and how to make sure their use is optimised. It also looks at some of the common problems that occur and give a rough indication of costs for church installations.

The Church of England Environment Programme renewables webpage also includes information on heat pumps and provides a general guide to church heating.

While, Cosy Homes Oxfordshire's webinar on heat pumps is aimed at domestic heating, it contains much useful information - and if you're considering heat pumps, it's worth a look.

One key point that all experts on heat pumps make is that it is important to improve the energy efficiency of your building before you install the heat pump, so that it will be able to perform to the best of its capacity. Find out more on how to do via the EcoHub.

Diocesan churches with heat pumps

Churches in our diocese that are using heat pumps include:

We also have a few churches considering Water Source Heat Pumps. Contact us for more information.

Further advice

The Energy Saving Trust also provides lots of information on both air-source and ground-source heat pumps:

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