Deanery Organiser for Buckinghamshire Historic Churches Trust Ride + Stride

To support the Aylesbury, Burnham & Slough and Newport Deaneries  

If you care about the wonderful church buildings at the heart of our communities, could you spare a modest amount of time and commitment to take on the role of deanery organiser for the Ride + Stride event on 11 September 2021?

You would be the key link between the parish organisers and the Ride + Stride administrative team. Most communications are by email but we like to make allowance for those who have not embraced the digital era.

Approximate timetable

Spring: Deanery Organisers’ Meeting. First forms sent out to churches to establish participation.

Mid-end May: Chase forms. Collate information and inform administrator.

June: Send out publicity (expenses refunded).

Late June/early July: Send out/email remaining documents with covering letter.

Mid September – end October: Collect all forms and monies. Forward to treasurer.

This is a voluntary role. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Joanna Barclay, county organiser for Ride + Stride
via email to