Clergy living in parsonage houses:

Updated August 2020: The property management team remains open for business and is adapting as advice from the government changes on how we should all emerge from lockdown. There are some tweaks to processes during the COVID crisis, but the team are still available to help. The following measures are designed to protect both you and our staff:

• Inspections:  Inspections of occupied properties remain postponed unless safeguarding measures are in place.

• Maintenance: Routine maintenance work on occupied properties can now take place, but again only with the appropriate safeguarding measures in place. Emergency works will be dealt with in the usual way. Contact the team, and we will raise the necessary order for the works. Your patience is required; we are reliant on our contractor’s availability, and they will need to comply with Government guidelines. It may mean that the response time to requests is not as quick as usual.

• Safeguarding measures: If you or any other occupants of the property are self-isolating, ill, shielding or otherwise ‘at risk’ then you must let the diocesan staff or the contractors who are due to meet you at your property know immediately. Unless it is an emergency, the visit will likely need to be postponed. We ask staff and occupants to maintain the social distancing requirements as set out by the government and to use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (e.g. face masks).

There will be continued disruption over the coming weeks and months as we emerge from the lockdown. Not all of our contractors will have the same capacity for work, and the response times may be longer than usual, and we would like. Contact the team via telephone or e-mail only as we all seek to minimise face to face contact. When at the premises all staff and contractors will all keep a respectful distance from each other. Please do not be offended.

Parsonage Houses:

Tony Kerry – 01865 208292
Chris Mariner – 01865 208232
Karen Drew – 01865 208268


Jane Darling – 01865 208248

Development projects:
David Mitchell – 01865 208233