Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Carol-Vanning all the way…

Witney Church Carol-Van

This year, St Mary’s Church, Cogges in Witney is taking a novel approach to celebrating Advent and Christmas to ensure that everyone can experience the comfort and joy that Christmas brings. They will be rolling out a veritable festive feast of events from online Christingle making to Advent window trails and perhaps most exciting of all, Carol-Vanning.

Local vicar, Revd. Simon Kirby explains,

“You’ve heard of carolling and caravanning, but I bet you’ve never heard of Carol-Vanning!

“This year, we’ll be travelling around the neighbourhoods of Witney, spreading a little mobile festive cheer. From the 14-17 December, we’ll be out and about in our festive camper van, stopping off to perform for local families and groups, who have booked a slot. Obviously, we will be making sure that we adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and we have asked that people stay in their front gardens or doorways whilst we sing.

“Whilst this is a fun way for us to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we can’t forget that for many, this has been one of the toughest years they’ve ever experienced. What has shone bright though, is the way our local community has rallied to support each other. St Mary’s has been at the heart of this community for over 900 years and seen it survive through wars, plagues and other catastrophes. Our town will get through this time and our hope and prayer is that in the face of all of the current challenges, people will know peace, joy, love and hope this Christmas.”

To ensure adherence to Government guidelines, the team behind carol- vanning offered 28 slots for local families and groups to book, which were snapped up within 48 hours! Revd. Simon confirmed that although the slots have now been booked, you won’t be able to miss the camper van as it makes its way through Witney, decked out with tinsel, lights and other festive touches.

He also reminded people to visit St Mary’s website to keep up to date with all the other Advent and Christmas activities that are taking place throughout December, culminating in an online family celebration on Christmas day at 10.30am.

For more information, please contact Revd. Simon Kirby