Returning from a much needed half term break it struck me that we seem to be caught in a maelstrom of storms arriving one after another. This has been complemented as our national discourse has shifted from the ‘B’ (Brexit) word to the ‘C’ (Corona Virus) word. My visits to schools have been characterised by rituals of hand gel but not handshakes as precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 kicking in. Some schools have decided to close for a period to action a deep clean. The DfE has issued guidance as has the Diocese of Oxford on how to address the need to delay the spread of the virus. As we meet this latest challenge, we can draw strength from this time of Lent. Our renewed focus on giving, fasting and prayer enables us as teachers and leaders to draw upon our faith and channel our support for the schools and communities that we serve.

Till next week, when I anticipate being able to share exciting news of new headteacher appointments made in the last few weeks.