Bishop of Oxford joins link summit in South Africa

THE Bishop of Oxford has joined over 50 people from the Diocese of Oxford and our link diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman for a four-day summit.  It’s being held in Kimberley, South Africa, and brings together representatives of linked parishes, young people, and people with leadership roles within the link and within the two dioceses, including both diocesan bishops.

Participants will engage together in prayer and Bible study. They’ll visit different parishes for Sunday worship and explore the history of Kimberley so as to better understand the context of the Kimberley and Kuruman diocese today. And they’ll discuss a series of questions relating to mission: Why and how do we cherish God’s creation? What are the things in our church life that engage – or don’t engage – young people? How do we discuss and respond to inequalities that distort right relationships in our families, church and society?

Our prayer is that is that the time together will deepen both diocese’s understanding and love of God and each other, help us to grow as disciples of Christ, and make our partnership both deeper and wider.