Be Still and Know

God of mystery, where are you
When the world flings demands
Like a rain squall at the window,
When the pressure to perform steals us from ourselves,
When grasping for our future leaves us empty handed?

Where are you, when confusion is in heady ascendance,
When digging for surety lacerates and fragments?
Where are you in the fray,
In the tangled threads of feeling with no beginning or end?

God of our depths, be with us.
Do not rescue, but hold us;
Befriend, and reacquaint us
With our roots, our core, our true desires.

Help us to know, the simplicity of refreshment;
a single raindrop on dry lips like an offering, unsolicited,
from a cloudless sky.

Help us to know, how slowly moves the deep;
our connection to earth and stars, and the life that is you.

Help us to know, that beyond our striving and our need
All you are is love,
And all we have is you.

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Many people are frazzled by fast-paced modern lives in a society where taking time out for prayer and contemplation feels counter-cultural. Why not take a few minutes out from your schedule and say this prayer? You can also find a daily prayer diary on the diocesan website.

Prayer by Alison Webster