Living Faith for the Future was a vision for the Diocese of Oxford for the five years 2009/14, approved by diocesan synod in November 2008. Although the initial five-year period has come to an end, Living Faith continues to inform the life and work of the diocese.

The Living Faith vision offers five priorities which resemble a palette of colours that everyone can use to create their own distinctive work of art.

The central strands are holistic mission and sustaining spirituality.

The vision is the transformation of all human life under God. The purpose is to join with God in creating a caring, sustainable and growing Christian presence in every part of the Diocese of Oxford, enabling every Christian and every Christian community to live and share the love of God, seen in the life of Jesus Christ.

We decided to concentrate on one of the five priorities each year, over the initial five-year period of Living Faith.

This was not intended to be to the exclusion of the others, but just to help focus our thinking and some of the resources we are offering.

2010 – Sustaining the Sacred Centre

2011 – Making Disciples

2012 – Making a Difference in the World

2013 – Creating Vibrant Christian Communities

2014 – Shaping Confident Collaborative Leadership

You can download our Living Faith resources here. Hard copies are available by request from Church House Oxford. Please contact Reception (01865 208200) to find out more.

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